Daniel’s testimony gives a message of hope, and brings the audience into the experience of Neighborhood violence, school dropout, and dealing with self-conflict. His message is focused on preventing At-Risk youth from experiencing those obstacles of his own, as well as to inform those youth who may be curious to the potential negative consequences. He encourages his audience to think critically and question their values, individual characteristics, and ways of life. He encourages audience participation through a serious of methods, which are all optional: stand up and raise your hand activities, as well as a question follow opportunity for audience members to ask at the end of his presentation.

Daniel gives a description of his life, growing up in a place where violence, prostitution, funerals of his peers, school dropouts and gangs were rampant. Most importantly, He illustrates the change that occurred to him, which he describes as being a bitter-sweet moment in Juvenile Hall where his Probation Officer referred him to a mentoring center where he then re-enrolled in school for his diploma, and later obtaining a college degree from the University of California Berkeley.

Daniel’s passion for creative expression through musical arts is highlighted through his entire testimonial presentation: Adding poems throughout his presentation. When not writing and recording music, Daniel devotes his time working with youth and families amongst his Bay Area hometown. Daniel believes that it is never late to make positive changes, “If I can make it, so can you”.

Since 2007, Daniel Mora facilitates keynote presentations, power points, in depth workshops with dialogue, 1 on 1 student mentoring, professional development… To University’s, Community Colleges, Middle/High School’s, Conferences, Ceremonies, Graduations… Daniel Mora has sat on planning board meetings for the opening of Youth Centers, traveled abroad, featured in many news & media outlets, and more…