Daniel Mora recalls his earliest out-let as a teenager was music. With many adult mentors wanting to help Daniel, nothing was as connecting to him like music. “I gravitated to the many music programs available amongst community centers in my city. There, I begin to write my own music, record and also perform them at community events, talent shows and even street rap battles.” Growing up in the mid 1980’s as a child to Mexican immigrant Parents pursuing an American Dream – but only to find themselves in the inner city housing projects of Oakland, California. A time when the Crack epidemic and murder rater were at an all time city high. “Music was my therapy even before I knew it. Reflecting back now, music is a force that brings people together and has always been the drive to youth culture, cross culturally and generationally speaking. The song Be the Change is one of many that I have written. However, that one is about my own life, and how I overcame many of my own challenges. While mostly targeted for youth – it is something adults can appreciate as well.”